* These notebooks are made by hand with intense focus to details.
* Designed and assembled in our studio located in Bucharest, Romania.
* Perfect item for downing your thoughts, sketches, drawings, you name it!
* You can also gift it for an Anniversary, Wedding, Baptism or simply without occasion.


* wooden covers polished with splayed edges offering a pleasant feeling at touch.
* finished with multiple layers of matte lacquer, resulting in a resilient smooth surface.
* 3mm thick wood covers.
* A6 size
* 90 extra fine recycled paper sheets ( 80mg, ivory color ).
* light weight.

* pattern engraved by digital laser.

* bounded tight and well using the coptic stitch technique.
* one of a kind.

# Because the wood is hand picked from our local source, your cover might not have the exact grain patterns as the ones pictured here but I guarantee that it will look just as wonderful and unique.


Every item is made to order and it takes 2 – 4 days to manufacture it.

Choose from woods like walnut ( brown ), mahogany ( red ) or linden ( beige )


* After production, the item is safely wrapped and ready to be shipped WORLDWIDE.

• Price does not include shipping taxes.
• Payment is done by bank transfer.

For Bucharest

• You can come pick it up from our studio located at Splaiul Unirii 160.
• You can choose transport by courier for 1o lei.

For Romania

• You can choose transport by courier for 15 lei.

* Standard, by Postal Office with tracking number.

* International shipping usually takes about 10-15 business days, depending on where you’re from.

* Shipping notification is always provided.


Click the ORDER button and then we’ll walk you through all the necessary steps to have a lovely shopping experience.
We’ll send you pictures with the process and even let you pick the wooden covers!


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