Remembering December

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What a month!

Only now I can finally manage to talk about it.

Few know that I work alone from scratch, by hand, in my dusty little studio.

Long story short, in December I was burried under a lot of orders *grateful tone of voice* and did not see it coming.

Among these orders there has been one of a batch containing 15 sketchies.

For 2 weeks I worked like a tiny factory and broke through my personal record –

15 sketchbooks in 4 days.

Now. Let me tell you what that means:


– buying raw wood

– sanding 30 wooden covers ( making’em super smooth )

– engraving names by digital laser, @The Plot

– painting each cover in brown

– applying 4 layers of lacquer per cover ( sanding in between layers )

– drilling holes in covers and paper

– folding 54 A4 sheets / sketchbook

– binding covers to paper.


(Guess I should post photos for all these steps. Work in progress.)

Here are some pictures proving all the above:

omg sk



15 sk


Aaand here’s me after those crazy 4 days I was telling you about.

Finished binding the last sketchie, rushed with all 15 of them to my friend’s place, photographer Adrian Scutariu and after drinking a bottle of wine, we took this photo.



* heavy motherfuckers


At the moment I’m working on a production plan and searching for ways to outsource work.

It’s never too early to get ready for December.

All fellow craftworkers can understand this 🙂