Woodish x Paul Virlan

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Not so long ago I met Paul.

He’s a graduate from Iasi’s University of Arts and a visually interesting illustrator.

When two skillful people meet, they have to create something together.

I personally liked the thin lines and rough edges of Paul’s vision and thought that those lovely colours shall look amazing on wood. Can you see it?
















He created an authentic series, a sort of visual – journal which I manually transferred onto wooden triangles of 2o x 20 x 2o cm.

Yes, it’s for sale but we’ll produce only 5 batches of this series.

Why should you buy it? Oh well, just look at it! So visually pleasant and authentic, you can arrange these triangles however you like and form a super-creative corner in your room, for example.








See more of this project on Paul’s website: http://www.paulvirlan.com/