Woodish | About
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Romania // Bucharest product design brand.


Woodish started in 2013 out of Maria Burachu’ s curiosity, it slowly developed from experiment to small business.

Maria graduated photography at the Bucharest University of Arts and had no background in wood working.

A calling for natural materials, well-done objects, and practical beauty were enough to set her hands in motion.


Woodish is located somewhere between product design and custom services but has its roots deep into wood loving.

The initial collection was a selection of designed objects that came in aid for reading and writing, made by hand with the powerful desire to impress the touch.

Setting the basic accessories, Woodish went on developing better versions of the same products, succeeding to be best known for them.


Very present in the local design scene, Woodish has been part of Romanian Design Week’s main exhibit for consecutive years and has exposed products at collateral events in different countries and cities.

At the moment Woodish has a standardized production for its ready-made objects, takes orders for custom design projects. volume commissions, and sells through local stores and online platforms.


With the help of her strategic partner, Gabriel Herdean, Maria is now working in a healthy business, organically grown with tools such as patience, perseverance, and trust.