Woodish | FAQ
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Where are you?

We’re located in Bucharest at Nod Makerspace, a workplace for creative industries that specializes in production and prototyping.

You can find us in the wood workshop or at our desk in the open space.

Can you personalize a notebook?

Yes, we can.

If you like a ready-made notebook with a full pattern on its cover, we can engrave a message or a name inside the first cover.

If you want it from scratch, we can start a discussion and build it together with simulations and stuff.

How long does it take to personalize a notebook?

If the notebook is in stock and you want a small engraving, it can be done in one day.

If it’s from scratch, it takes up to 2-4 days depending on how fast we agree on the design.

Can I order a print on wood?

The printing on wood is not made in house. We have to outsource this production and it gets inefficient at times.

We know you love this service and the results are amazing but we decided to accept orders that start with 150 lei.

Prices and dimensions: A6 = 60 lei //  A5 = 80 lei // A4 = 100 lei // A3 = 150 lei

How long does it take to receive a print on wood order?

Depending on your quantity, usually 3 days.

Can I print a custom photo on a notebook?

Mostly yes, but we have to decide what fits a notebook and what doesn’t.

A notebook is being used daily and it gets to be a part of one’s personality, so we are careful with what we’re printing on a notebook.

Can you personalize Reading Rings and Read Stoppers?

Yes, by laser engraving.

Are you open to custom projects?

Yes, we are, depending on our production at the time, we’re interested in new approaches.

Do I pay transport fees for an order?

Orders starting with 150 lei have free transport.

Can I pick up an order from your studio?

Yes! And I bet you’ll love to see such a creative and huge place like Nod Makerspace.

Can a notebook be brought back for a paper refill?

Yes and it’s free of charge, we totally encourage that!

Do you keep a stock of your products?

We usually have a stock for reading rings, read stoppers and some of the most popular notebooks, but if one wants 100 pieces of an object by tomorrow, chances are we cannot deliver.

Do you accept volume orders?

Yes, we do and we’re damn good at it.

Are you interested in collaborations?

Yes, we’re interested in collaborating with other creative people that meet our standards.

Can you make a printed book with wooden covers?

Yes, bound by hand or using a bronze spiral.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, with Posta Romana, fees to be discussed depending on your location.

Do you plant trees?

Yes and we love it so much! Do you?

Didn’t find your question?

Ask us at hei@woodish.ro or call Maria at +40757084508.