Woodish | Our Services
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Product design is the territory in which we wander,

sometimes confident, sometimes confused.

We acknowledge its immensity and importance.

Our style in aesthetics has given us clients interested in design services.

From concept to prototype, from object to feeling,

we offer custom solutions to new ideas.

We materialized a lot of special occasions such as designed trophies, wonderful giveaways, commemoration planks, huge wooden logos and custom menus.

Always in for a challenge.


We have a successful collaboration with corporations and have managed to develop our strategy in such ways as to satisfy volume commissions.

Our studio can deliver quality hand crafted objects in a reasonable amount of time and pays close attention to details.

Your company’s choice in gifts will be much appreciated since it’s encouraging local artists working in sustainable methods and creating unique custom items that have a personal impact on the receiver.

If you’re interested in working with us, we’ll be glad to hear about it at hei@woodish.ro, our communication is transparent and perseverant.